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Hi dear HSC Students,

I think that your all of matter is okay. This page only for HSC examinee 2017  and guardian. You can easily find out your goal result from here. This is not too complex to find out your result nowadays.  There is more system to see your result with full of mark sheet.  Online version study is easy for all of the students. Anyone can easily find out their information from PoraLekhaBD.

Started on 02 April 2017. 

Ended on 16 May 2017.

We should not lose heart in danger or fail anything. Because all of the problems has more solution. Of late, we provide more information truly. You can visit our page off and on. More often than not, we see that many students go to a computer shop to know their result, but Why??? no need to go there. At present, a smartphone is available everywhere or simple mobile is active, that’s okay for knowing information or result.


You should fill up the following instruction for HSC result:

HSC Result 2017

Examination: HSC

Year: 2017

Board: Dhaka or other

Roll: 123456

Reg: No: 123456789

Click and Select your information

(When Result will be published, then search here)

If your HSC Result falls short of your confident. You can challance Educational Board of Dhaka easily. When it will be started, we will add and share challenge process into our website. So, Don’t worry about your result.

You can easily find out any Education Board HSC Exam Result from here. Such as:

  1. Dhaka Board
  2. Rajshahi Board 
  3. Borishal Board 
  4. Comilla Board 
  5. Jessore Board 
  6. Chittagong Board 
  7. Dinajpur Board 
  8. Rongpur Board 


Just visit www.PoraLekhaBD.com and then click your need. You can easily know your HSC Result 2017 by sending an SMS from your hand Mobile.

You can know your HSC result by sending an SMS from your hand Mobile. 

Totally Simple way to find out your HSC Result through SMS System:

First 3 Letters of All Education board Name

 Dhaka Board = DHA

Comilla Board = COM

Rajshahi Board = RAJ

Jessore Board = JES

Chittagong Board = CHI

Barisal Board = BAR

Sylhet Board = SYL

Dinajpur Board = DIN

 Madrassah Board = MAD

 Technical Board = TEC

SMS system for HSC Result 2017 :

HSC<space>First three letters of Board<space>Roll<space>Year and send to 16222

As an example, HSC DHA 012345 2017 and send to 16222


Your study best friend is near at hand. No longer harassment for study information and other. We provide you enough guideline in the nick of time. More or less all of the students are active online.You should keep an eye on PoraLekhaBD to know last before all. In case, you miss any information or event just contact us. We’ll provide you great news in a short time. If your result will be failed, you should not break down.


We see that some students take drugs or suicide, but why they do it???  It is not a solution. If you’ve fully confident about your exam then you can challenge education board for recovery your result.  Then it’ll not recover, you should prepare next year exam to get a high result. So, Don’t destroy your dream. We stay with you to give fully of guideline of study life. When the board challenge date will be published, we published as soon as possible into our website. So why WORRY???


Remove your tension from the mind. It’s growing more diseases into your body. We always active to provide our best. Wiseman doesn’t break off in the middle of their life. So why you stop study or any work. We suggest you that all our people have ups and downs. It does not matter.

Gather Knowledge to Rise up Bangladesh.

If you do not find out your result, just contact us or message on facebook Page or Group. As soon as possible we reply you. If you have any suggested about PoraLekhaBD please feel free ask. We hide your info and also respect you.

Thanks for stay with us. We’ll grow our Digital Bangladesh.

I+You+He = Our Bangladesh

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