How to be a good student ?

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I think that you’re all right. Today, our topic is “How to be a good students”. Already you see that and understand about this title. However, I don’t waste your valuable times, let’s go to main topic. You should follow some tips or rules to be a good students. Now I will share with you this rules.

Follow this steps : 

Make a Routine

  Group Study

 Huge Practice

 Don’t Waste Time

 Create Hand Note


Make a Routine :

You should first create a excellent daily routine for your study times. Because, you can maintain easily this routine time by time. Without save your times you can’t achieve your main goal. So, you should hurry make your daily study routine. Even, also adjust your routine with school and coaching  time. How to create a Routine? Please follow this example one : 00000000

Group Study:

Group study is a part of education. In a group study, you can easily discuss your problem and share your great idea with others. This is a excellent tips for study. Sometimes, We can’t share our study problem with class teacher or home teacher. But easily can share with our problem into group study. So, It’s a media that we can develop our skill.


  Huge Practice :

In a proverb that “ Practice makes a man perfect”. So, you should never forget to practice any matter of study. If you face a little or Big problem just solve it and practice more and more. One thing you should mind that no one good result without practice. Practice is a different types of important part. If you don’t solve your problem, your fall down. This is the main point about practice and practice.

Don’t Waste Time:

“Time and tide wait for none”- we know this but don’t obey this. Because, we’re not conscious about our valuable times. I think that time is the power of anything.  Unfortunately, you waste your times to any worst way, you’re so unlucky man or woman. We see that many students waste their time to spend gossiping , traveling etc. But they are not know that this time is more important their next future. So, You should use proper time into study.  Don’t waste your time with any fault. Today you save time and hard work, one day the time give you peace of life.


Create Hand Note:

When a student miss a point of class subject or other, his should create a short note for their benefit. A hand note is the most important for exam. Because, you can easily check your short note before exam night by short time. When you enter the classroom or coaching, open your little hand note and write important point that you easily mind that. This is an important role of study. So, don’t neglect this point, it’ll be helpful for your better study.


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