How can you pass in the Exam?

Dear Examiner,

Today I say and guide you about pass in exam. This is an important matter for this time. You’re not allow in next step without passing into exam. I think that you should read your text book and follow right syllabus for your exam. In case, you aren’t completed your syllabus before exam time you fall down so badly. Something we see that many students aren’t active about their study. For this reason they are success in their human life. Right now I’ll show you 10 tips about pass in exam.


Follow the below steps : 

Create a daily Routine

Follow your syllabus

Make a hand note

Write that you read


Select problem

Solve problem

Make underline on book

Listen and Listen


This is an important advice for your study life. You believe it or not, that’s an affective idea that I share with you. You should follow this, I grunted about your pass. Now I describe about this 10 points.


  1. Create a daily Routine :

Daily routine is a part of a good students. A routine save your time and time will be proper used. By creating a routine you should add main subject and weak subject list. When your brain is fresh mind you should read weak subject. Don’t stop your reading by cause of your tired or weakness. It’s a bed affect for your study. So, firstly you should create a great daily study routine and follow it properly for passing your step.

  1. Follow your syllabus: 

Syllabus is the road of study. Which thing you should read? It’s included on a syllabus. So you should complete your syllabus and practice also. I think that you are able to complete your syllabus and other text out of book. Don’t depend only syllabus, you make a great idea. But syllabus is the main point of your study.

  1. Make a hand note:

Previous lesson I already done some tips about a hand note. You think simply about a hand note. Because, hand note is the best shortcut way. When your exam will be come into your door then you are understand about important a hand note. Your note will help you to revise your great points and save your memory shortly. If you want to read more about an important of a hand note please see this —-

  1. Write that you read:

Our main problem is that we’re not interested into writing our topics besides read. Read and read but no interest about write. This is the main problem of us. When you complete a topics, you should write also as soon as possible. I think that it’ll be solved your spelling mistake. Even, you check your spelling mistake and missing line or sentence. So, you should write as soon as possible after reading your topics.

  1. Discuss:

Discuss isn’t bed side of your study. If you discuss your topics with another students or friends, you can solve your problem and share your opinion easily. So build up your community by a great discuss. On the other hand, you can teach them that you know by creating a discussion. Hurry up ! make a discussion group as soon as possible.

  1. Select problem:

Select your problem from your note and class topics. After selecting your problem how far possible solve these by teacher or group study. Day by day your problem will be zero and you’ll be perfect.

  1. Solve problem:

As soon as possible you should solve your problem. Because today you neglect about your problem and keep this. After sometimes you’ll be cried to your problem. So, don’t fall down your study problem. Solve it and keep fresh your mind.

  1. Make underline on book:

This is a great idea that I mind. When you read any topics just headline by a color pen. It focus easily and keep mind long times. Besides, you can underline your important topics point that help you. Underline points is the best idea that you mind already.

  1. Listen and Listen:

Listening is an important idea or study method that you easily keep mind your topics. Even your memory will be strong also. That’s a great method for you. You can record your topics on Phone and listen again. It’ll stay long time in your brain.

  1. Revise:

Revision is the part of whole study life. Without revise your study topics, no more time to forget it. So, you should revise your text books or other hand note again and again.  Continue your all of book to revise.


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