Essential 3 Paragraph that you need ! ( Facebook, Internet, E-mail )



  • What is Facebook?
  • How did Facebook start?
  • How could a new user use the website?
  • What services could we use for the betterment of our daily life?
  • What are the future possibilities of Facebook according to you?


Facebook is an online social network service website. Online refers to the World Wide Web www through internet communications. The name ‘Facebook’ is taken is taken from the widely used term to students at the beginning of an academic year in the United States. Currently, Facebook has become the most popular website among the youth of the world. There are 1.1 billion Facebook users around the globe. It was not the case when it was launched in 2004. A group of bright students from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts initiated the project in order to share ideas among the Harvard students. Mark Zukherberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCotlum and Chris Hughes were a few key people who transformed the idea into reality. Users must register before using the site,, after which they may create a personal profile and add other users as their friends. Facebook has many options such as posting a user’s status, sharing ideas, uploading photographs, liking other’s post, messaging via inbox etc. With the emergence of it, we see helpful in many ways, it could also create problems in a society if people use it with bad intentions. A few recent events across the globe created controversy about Facebook. If we could prevent chaos and anti-social activities via Facebook, it could become even more beneficial to us.




  • What do you understand by the internet?
  • How does it work and what is the importance of internet?
  • Has it widely spread all over Bangladesh?
  • Why are the people all over Bangladesh deprived of the benefit of the internet?
  • How does it will be effective very soon in our country?


Internet is the greatest discovery of science and greatest advancement in the field of communication. It is a speedy transmitting system of information with the help of computer and networks. Its functions are smooth, easy and rapid. A man can quote an address to his computer and a link to the internet will soon give him a connection in and outside the country according to his exception. Many educational institutions are greatly benefited through the use of the internet. Through it, we find much important information stored in various website. It plays an effective role in the field of trade and commerce  Internet-based e-commerce has become very popular to the customer. Because the customers can buy or choose anything without going to market. Students can go through several books from the libraries without going there.  In the near future, the students will be able to take their class lecture from anywhere in the world through internet. In Bangladesh internet has opened the new dimension in our communication system. But the use of internet in our country is very expensive. Many people of Bangladesh don’t have still access to the internet. Both BTTB and government have taken effective steps for its better implementation in our country.




  • What is e-mail?
  • How does it help communication?
  • How does it help students?
  • What are the benefit of using e-mail?
  • Why does trade and commerce depend on e-mail?
  • Who can have e-mail connection?
  • Why should the young generation have knowledge on e-mail?


E-mail is the term of electronic mail. It’s very popular in developed and developing countries. It’s one of the greatest achievements of our modern science. It has brough a dramatic change in modern communication system. It’s an electronic device with whom messages, Information, music video, pictures can be sent and receive from person to person. It is cheap and easy to use. Besides by using e-mail the users can save their times. If a person has a personal computer and a telephone connection he can get e-mail connection. He can send message one country to another within seconds through e-mail. It also reduces the consumption of paper in the offices. So e-mail saves money as well as time. It is far cheaper than telephone calls. So nowadays trade commerce has become greatly depend on this speedy type of communication. But e-mail is not being widely used in our country. To be adjusted with the modern world the young generation of our country, must have the knowledge of using e-mail.


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