About PoraLekhaBD

About PoraLekhaBD

Hi Dear Guys,

Firstly I want to say that Welcome To PoraLekhaBD.com. It’s an educational website that you stay now. It has been something new information website ever you were seen. I think that PoraLekhaBD will be helpful for you study life with full satisfaction. I’m always trying to share my best. Sometimes, I see that many students feel tension about their study information and other info. If you face any educational info problem, you should stay with us. We are able to solve your study problem. So Don’t worry, Stay with us and let’s enjoy.

PoraLekhaBD ‘s Activities are given below :

# All Result Published :

  • PSC Result
  • JSC Result
  • JDC Result
  • SSC Result
  • HSC Result
  • NU Result
  • Honor’s Result
  • Master’s Result
  • Admission Result
  • Job Result

# All Routine Published :

  • PSC Routine
  • JSC Routine
  • JDC Routine
  • SSC Routine
  • HSC Routine
  • NU Routine
  • Honor’s Routine
  • Master’s Routine
  • Admission Routine
  • Job Routine

# All Admission Information :

  • School Admission
  • College Admission
  • Cadet College Admission
  • Polytechnique  Admission
  • Public University Admission
  • National  University Admission
  • Admission University of Engineering and Technology
  • Admission University of Science and Technology
  • Agricultural University Admission
  • Medical and dental admission
  • Admission Marine Academy

# All Job Circular Information :

  • Airline jobs
  • Bank jobs
  • BCS
  • College Jobs
  • Company jobs
  • Govt Jobs
  • Immigration Notice
  • IT jobs
  • Jobs Newspaper
  • Marketing
  • NGO
  • other jobs
  • University jobs
  • Weekly Job Circular BD

# All Notice Information :

Note : We’ll be shared all of the notice when it’ll be published. So Don’t move, Stay with us.

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